Eco-friendly menu Served at UN high-level Lunch

The “Landfill Salad” was made from unwanted vegetable scraps, stalks and outer leaves salvaged from the waste of big food producers, and liquid drained from a can of chickpeas.

The burgers and fries came from discarded vegetables, ends of cucumber thrown out by picklers and cow corn, which is used for feeding animals or for making ethanol.

The “Spent Grain Bread” was baked from grain mash left over from brewing and distilling process, and unrefined oil extracted from squash seeds.

For dessert, outer shell of cocoa bean, the dried skin, the material left over after pressing nuts for oil and pulp of the coffee cherry were turned into “Cocoa Husk Custard”.

The conversation over lunch was, of course, about climate change and poverty.

Ban said the lunchtime consensus was that the agreement to be reached at the Paris climate change conference must “strengthen resilience to climate impacts, with a focus on the poorest and most vulnerable”.